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Mortgages for self employed with 1 year’s accounts up to 90%. You’ve come to the right place if you’re self employed or business owner looking to secure a mortgage.


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Best Mortgage Brokers for Self-Employed Workers

Our specialist advisors will secure the best mortgage rates for your self-employed status, period. As a 100% independent broker, we have access to every self-employed friendly lender out there, large and small. Whichever model you deploy to work and pay yourself, we can match you to an appropriate lender.

We’ve been where you are today. Each one of us knows just how difficult it can be arranging a competitive mortgage.

We understand the issues and frustrations that independent professionals face on the High Street:

We’re a team of award-winning self-employed mortgage brokers and founders of our brand. Having been where you are now gives us the edge over non-specialist mortgage brokers.

Regardless of your trading structure or employment status, we can promise you this. We’ll find you the best mortgage deal on the market, always with a High Street lender.

Even if you’ve applied direct and failed we can often help through our extended network. Furthermore, we’ll make the entire process as simple, hassle-free and painless as possible. Here’s why we’re different…

Getting the best self employed mortgage for your needs!

Our clients range across the self-employed spectrum. We work with:

  • sole traders;
  • company directors and partnerships;
  • limited company contractor;
  • umbrella company workers.

All have specific self-employed mortgage requirements, based on their unique circumstances. Unlike other brokers, we know how to highlight your true mortgage affordability.

This has given us the ability to arrange self employed mortgages for:

  • Limited Company Directors;
    • Drawing low salary and dividends is great for tax planning. But present those figures to an in-branch advisor?
    • They’ll see them as income and use that as the base of your mortgage affordability.
    • You and I know your budget stretches far beyond your drawings and salary. But how can you make a High Street lender see that? We can show you.
  • Sole Traders;
    • Mention the words ‘sole trader’ to a mortgage advisor and they make a snap decision about you.
    • The first documentation they’ll ask you for is three years’ accounts and trading history. Next, they’ll demand at least 25% deposit, maybe more. Even then, they can reject your application, seeing you as too high risk.
    • We work with lenders who provide bespoke self employed mortgage loans for sole traders. Even if you have just one year’s accounts, we can help.
  • Contractors;
    • The number of contractor-friendly lenders is growing at a phenomenal rate. More lenders use day rates as the base of mortgage affordability than ever before.
    • If you’ve gone direct on the High Street, you might think we’re talking out of our hat. It’s just not so. We work with underwriters direct and package contractors’ applications ‘just so’.
    • You won’t find these decision makers on the High Street. Allow us to present your contractor mortgage application for you. You’ll soon see the difference a specialist broker can make.
  • IT Contractors;
    • As an IT contractor, you may not know it but you’re the apple of a mortgage lender’s eye.
    • Halifax implemented contract-based underwriting as we know it because of your speciality. Information technology is in high demand, comprising skill sets that command high day rates.
    • Because of these circumstances, contractor-friendly lenders want your business. Even if a self employed mortgage loan has been off limits, we can secure your mortgage using your day rate.
  • Freelancers.
    • Freelancers provided the backbone of UK labour market growth during economic recovery. With ibility and specialist skills, their never-say-die attitude enabled businesses to remain competitive.
    • But did the mortgage lenders move in tandem with this growth? In a word, no.
    • We understand the value of freelancers’ continued contribution to the economy. Moreover, how profitable your business can be. We can highlight your affordability to lenders with our bespoke freelance mortgage underwriting.

One quick call back; a lifetime of benefits

Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame, so Andy Warhol alleged back in 1968. Now, we can’t make you famous. But if you’ve got 15 minutes to spare, we could change the course of your life.

Is that too bold a statement? I think not.

The key to our success is getting to know our self-employed clients. If we can understand your business and your situation, we can match you with a lender specific to them.

This is so important. An informal chat with one of our advisors is all it takes, too. We can then get you a mortgage deal that’s as good as, if not better than, a permanent employee’s.

Buying a home should be liberating, not added weight on your shoulders

When you buy your home, it shouldn’t feel like you’ve inherited a millstone around your neck. We know how important it is to have an affordable mortgage that’s also well within budget.

With a mortgage at a competitive interest rate, self employed people have other opportunities.

You can put the money you save on your monthly payments aside for a rainy day or special milestone.

Maybe reinvest it in your business or take that well-earned break. Or even better, overpay on your monthly mortgage repayments to cut years off its term.

These are all possible just by securing a competitive rate from the outset.

How to get the ball rolling: callback or online quote

To get started, complete our callback form; one of our mortgage advisors will be in touch shortly. Or just click on one of our mortgage products below. We’ll give you a bespoke, guideline mortgage quote based on your input.

Just to underline, our quote isn’t a firm offer. It’s just an outline of how much you have the potential to borrow based on the figures you provide.

When you’re ready to take the next step, then we’ll offer a decision in principle. At that point we’ll liaise with one of our specialist self employed mortgage lenders for you.

Independent brokers for independent professionals

Self Employed Mortgages is a “Whole of Market” mortgage broker. We’re not tied to a specific provider or pane of lenders.

Our independence gives you unprecedented ibility of choice. It also gives you a huge advantage.

We know the challenges and frustrations that self-employed professionals face applying for a mortgage. It’s because of these unnecessary barriers that we built the business you see today.

Lenders know that we know the ins, outs and nuances of being self employed. They’re happy to receive our self employed mortgage enquiries.

Why? Because we package mortgage applications with only the relevant documentation.

We know what information they need to make a confident, swift decision. Your application in our hands will save them, you and us precious time.

Because of this, our self-employed clients hail from a variety of markets and industries. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Management Consultants;
  • Accountants;
  • Health Care Professionals and Medics;
  • Surgeons and Consultants;
  • Doctors and GPs;
  • Dentist;
  • Financial Services;
  • Marketing;
  • Actuaries;
  • Architects;
  • Surveyors;
  • Engineers;
  • IT Technicians and contractors.

Boss Underwriting for savvy entrepreneurs

Even if you’ve just started out and can only provide one year’s trading accounts, don’t worry. We have direct lines to lenders and underwriters who’d still like to hear from you.

They, like us, understand your unique employment status. They appreciate that trading accounts may not give a true reflection of your earnings. Nor, for that matter, your disposable income for verification of affordability.

Our mortgages for self-employed are from mainstream lenders, even if you think they’re off limits. They’re not. You just need to leverage our relationships with them to unlock the potential of your income.

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