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Not all banks treat the self-employed equally. The tips and advice offered here will ensure mortgage lenders see your true affordability.

Self-employed mortgage arrangement fees rise

Not renewed your self-employed mortgage in a while? You may be in for a surprise – the nasty sort – when the time comes. Lenders arrangement fees have risen. We think we know why…

In 2009, the average a lender would charge for the privilege of processing your mortgage application was less than £1,200. In the short time since, that amount now stands at £1,500+, a rise of more than 25%.

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Self-employed income + High St criteria = mortgage rejection!

Many articles we’ve penned here relate to the tangible shock self-employed people get when they’re told they’re no longer creditworthy. Very often, it’s by their existing mortgage lender.

Their story, perhaps one you’re familiar with, has a recurring theme. In less austere times, they’ve taken out an introductory fixed-rate self-employed mortgage. Before they know it, it’s due to elapse.

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Specialist mortgage brokers: no better way for the self-employed

In recent years, there’s been significant growth in the amount of people launching their own businesses in the UK. But what knock-on effect has this surge had on the newfound self-employed’s ability to get mortgages?

The growth in the self-employed populace shows some correlation with post-credit crunch job losses. But the fall-out that ensued the 2008 collapse changed traditional employees’ attitudes.

People began to question job security; no one company was too big to succumb to wave after wave of recession. The result?

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