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Freelancer Mortgages

We take the hassle out of obtaining a mortgage, or remortgage, because we have special relationships with senior underwriters who understand the way you work!

Quite simply, can secure the most competitive mortgages for freelance workers. Period.

Mortgages for Freelancers

You’ve more than likely landed here as you’re currently working on a freelance basis and need to arrange a mortgage (or remortgage). And if our experience is anything to go by, fairly quickly, to boot.

Another likelihood is that you’ve already visited a High Street lender or mortgage broker and got nowhere. Having become discouraged with the lack of support available there for “non-permies”, you’re now scouring the Internet to see if the outlook’s brighter.

Whichever the case, it’s clear by now that you’re facing an uphill battle in terms of saving wasted time, effort, and money. Unless, that is, you find and talk to a mortgage specialist who actually UNDERSTANDS your circumstances. Furthermore, ‘gets’ how you structure your income.

If you’re a self employed freelancer trying to obtain a mortgage, you’ll know what a frustrating experience it can be.

That’s because the majority of lenders are still geared up towards lending to permanent employees. Don’t they realise how many people are Freelancing these days?

Thankfully, a number of lenders recognise that you, the freelancer, are not a high risk. This is because their underwriters have a better understanding of how you work.

They’ve adjusted their lending and affordability assessment criteria to take into account your freelancer status. This freelancer-friendly policy means that the underwriter has more ibility to approve your application.

This type of bespoke underwriting is referred to in the market place as ‘freelance based underwriting’ or ‘freelancer mortgages’.

Where Can I Find a Great Freelancer Mortgage?

At, we’ve formed strong relationships with several lenders and underwriters. But not just any; we mean professionals who understand the freelancing world.

Working together, we can provide you with competitive mortgages with the absolute minimum of fuss.

We scour the entire market so that you don’t have to. In addition, our experience there grants us access to exclusive terms you simply would not find on your own.

Seriously, don’t waste another second looking for a mortgage. Call our specialist team and speak to one of our qualified advisors now.

We’ll provide details of some of the best freelancer mortgages available and explain what you have to do to take the next step with us.

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